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Learn Thai with ThaiTrainer111

Tutorial Thai since 1998
  • for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • audio clips (female/male voice)
  • illustrations
  • Progress can be saved
  • multiple-choice questions
  • examples out of everyday life
  • 90 lessons

Learn Thai language - How to speak Thai - with audio and illustrations in 90 lessons

The Thai language cannot be compared to any western language because of its very different alphabet and grammar. The main reason learning Thai is such a challenge is because it’s a tonal language. This is why we have included audio of spoken text (male or female voice) in ThaiTrainer111 as well as a literal translation enabling you too learn how sentences are constructed. This will help you over the most difficult hurdles. We also provide a dictionary function, however this is limited to the words included in our 90 lessons. Multiple-choice questions make it possible too measure your progress and test your knowledge. Using the soundtrack you can listen to the exact pronunciation.  Since a lot of the tones and vowels sound unusual to our ears, this is a most valuable tool. You can check-out the 5 first lessons for free.

Learning words

By clicking on the words, you get the translation and sound rendition. We recommend you do this repeatedly. Try to remember the meaning and imitate the spoken word or sentence aloud until you catch the right tone. Once you've learned all the words on the screen, you can continue the lesson with the button.

Test your knowledge

After the learning process, you can check your knowledge with the function "Test your knowledge". We have programmed this function in such a way that if your answer is incorrect, the question will be repeated in a later stage until you provide the correct answer. Questions answered correctly are not repeated. The sequence is random. On termination of the test, you will get your score, and this you can save, so that you can check your progress if you repeat this part of the lesson, and pinpoint your weaknesses so that you can work on these. If you don't succeed in answering one or more of the questions, the button  gives you the correct answer. However this remains then statistically a wrong answer and the question will be repeated.

Thai educational software ThaiTrainer111